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Joyo City`s Profile


The city of Joyo is very proud of our citizen's high level of sports activities.
School children to elderly people enjoy various sports based around Joyo.
A citizens' sports festival is held every year with various competitions.
Some players even proceed on to the national competition.

Joyo Marathon Race

Ecolo Base
(Produced in Joyo for the first time)

Cultural exchange

From ancient times, cultural activities have been prosperous in Joyo.
Now, various cultural works and organizations meet and hold many activities at the Bunka Parc Joyo and the other six community centers, which is the hub of exchanges.
The citizen's cultural festival is extremely popular and also many individual activities are held frequently.

 Civic Art Festival

International exchange

A sister city pledge is contracted with the city of Kyongsan in South Korea and the city of Vancouver in the United States of America. Currently these sister-city relations have extended down to a citizens' level of friendship.
The Joyo International Exchange Association holds Korean, English and Chinese conversation class with many age groups attending.

Civic exchange

The City of Joyo and the citizens cooperate and interact with each other to create a worthwhile society in each field of civic life.

Mayor's Hot Saloon
(exchanging opinions with the Mayor)
 Disaster Drill


It is said that the most important factor of brewing Sake, Japanese Liqueur, is water. Delicious and flavorful sake is produced by utilizing the traditional skill of the professional breweries, and the pure water of Joyo.

Wine Cellar
 Professional Breweries

Gold and silver thread

Gold and silver threads to weave into Kimono and Obi are produced here.
These traditional clothes are still essential for Japanese culture.
Joyo produces 60% of all the gold and silver thread produced in Japan.

Gold Foil

Leaf of Gold and Silver


The history of Joyo goes back to the Jomon era in Japanese history, about 4000 years ago.
Many ruins and cultural properties dot the landside, and they give us insight into the history of the region.

Stone Coffin and Bracelet excavated from the ancient tomb in Joyo

Health and Welfare

Good health and relaxation, dreams and expectations are our earnest hope. Joyo city is promoting all kinds of programs so that citizens can live a healthy and charming life.

A Developing City

Toward further growth, the City of Joyo is developing new infrastructure such as roads, transport systems, running water, sewage systems and various other materials. Utilizing our natural resources and historical environment, the City of Joyo continues to create an amenity city.


In school, we enhance children's education, by combining both study and volunteer activity out side of campus, so that the children will grow both mentally and physically. Joyo city also promotes special lectures and programs so that the citizens are able to continue their studies.