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Data of Joyo



The City of Joyo is located between two old capitals, Kyoto and Nara, and is situated in the center of Yamashiro Basin. The city extends 9km (5.6miles) from east to west and 5.4km (3.4miles) from north to south. The total size of the city is 32.74square kilometers(12.64 square miles). Population of the city as of August.2007 is 80,786.


The average temperature is 16 degrees and the average annual precipitation of 1.3m (51.22") produce a mild climate. The topography is rather flat with a hill gradually extending upward from west to east along the eastern edge of the city. The lowest altitude in the west is 13m(43'). The highest altitude in the east is 430.2m(1,411').

City Emblem (adopted April 26, 1955)

The Chinese character "Jo"(castle) and the image of "Yo"(the sun) combine to form the city emblem.

City Emblem

City Charter (adopted November 7, 1982)

We love our homeland blessed by fragrant plums and clear water.
In order to foster our ancestor's culture and to create a peaceful and brilliant future for our city, we,Joyo citizens pledge to:

  1. 1. love nature and foster beautiful greenery,
  2. 1. enhance our educational system and create a rich culture,
  3. 1. care for our health, train our minds and put much importance on work,
  4. 1. love our neighbors and extend a chain of human relations,
  5. 1. maintain social order and build a city of tranquility.

Declaration of the Peaceful City of Joyo (declared December 23, 1986)

Perpetual peace and world safety are our common desires.
The abolishment of nuclear weapons and reduction of armaments are goals all human beings seek.
As the only country to experience atomic bombings, our country, Japan,not only supports three principles of the Non-nuclear Policy but declare we shall not repeat the calamities caused by war. In this International Peace Year, Joyo City declears- based on the spirits of the Japanese Constitution- that we love liberty and peace. Joyo is the city of perpetual peace beyond faith and religion.

Charter for the Senior Citizens of Joyo City (adopted October 17, 1993)

The city's image is one of "greenery, sunshine and tranquility." The city adopts the following charter to promote a rich society in which the senior citizen, who has contributed to the country and local communities for many years, may be respected by others and can live a worthwhile, healthy life.

City Song (adopted February 15, 197l).

Written: Takeo Tatumura/Composed: Miyao Nakahara

The music box

The music box was manufactured to commemorate city's 20th anniversary of its incorporation: you can enjoy a beautiful tune by clicking the cross mark.

City Flower: Plum (adopted October 24, 1972).

The Aodani plum trees that extend throughout the southern, hilly area, bloom in spring all over the place. Their fragrance tranquilizes our spirits.

the Plum

City Flower: Iris (adopted November 7, 1982).

Blessed by abundant underground water, the iris has been cultivated in our area since olden times. It is beloved by many people. We are proud of to be the biggest producers of iris in Keihanshin (Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe) district.

the Irisillustrated Iris

City Bird: Egrets (adopted November 7, 2007).

Egrets can be seen everywhere in Joyo and they are deeply related to our history and culture. They are symbols of environmental conservation and the coexistence of nature with humans. The elegant egrets flying above us echo thoughts of the bright future of Joyo City.

Image of the City

"City of Greenery, Sunshine and Tranquility"

Blue sky, bright sunshine, abundant greenery, and clear water are indispensable assets of nature. They, together with city's historical heritage, are the common assets of the citizens. With its awareness and its rich environment, the city of Joyo seeks a cultural, residential city full of tranquility and vigor where all citizens can live comfortable and worthwhile lives both materially and morally throughout there lifetimes. Thanks to an accumulation of charming city functions, citizens continually and proudly wish to live in this central city of South Yamashiro district where,people and products are actively exchanged.

Targets of City Policy.

1.Orderly city with a good environment.

Create a convenient and functional city with a well established infrastructure in which green nature and precious cultural heritage are valued and preserved; the city's development and expansion of various economical and social activities are promoted in an orderly way; the city's various functions are properly manifested without conflict.

2.Comfortable and safe city.

Pursue the development of a city in which: restful space and relaxation is secured where individual lives and estates are protected from calamities, public hazards and crimes; citizens can live charming and comfortable lifetimes; and various life-related facilities are well maintained.

3.Welfare city.

Pursue the development of a city full of humanity where the human rights of individual citizen are respected where not only children, seniors and physically handicapped persons but all the people are happy and healthy throughout their lives while benefiting from well-supported welfare encouraging self dependency through the conscious nourishment of community among the citizens.

4.City to nourish sound minds, sound bodies and and a rich culture

Pursue the development of a city with a characteristically rich culture and fragrance by: strengthening school education in order to rear children as well-balanced persons; securing life-long education for all citizens; providing sports and recreation facilities for the physical and mental soundness of all citizens so everyone can foster enjoyment in nature.

5.City to enhance living and foster local industries.

Seek to establish an energetic city where agriculture, manufacturing, commerce and a good living environment are well-balanced which will enrich the citizens by encouraging worthwhile industries which meets the demands of the times while honoring the city's traditions and resources.