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Sister Cities

Kyongsan City`s EmblemKyongsan CityStorn Buddha of Kwanbong

City Tree: The Ginkgo
City Flower: The Magnoria

Sister-city relationship with Kyongsan City was established in1991. Before the two cities ever becoming Sister-cities, Joyo's Boy's Soccer Club had an exchange with Tegu City , a large city nearby Kyongsan City. When representatives of Joyo came together and decided to start a sister relation with a South Korean city,they consulted with the citizens of Joyo. At the "Joyo City International Exchange Conferense", they concluded that the City of Kyongsan ,a"bedroom community"for Tegu City, would be the best representative city in South Korea.

Common points with Joyo City

Kyongsan's agriculture is almost identical to Joyo, and like Joyo, it is a production center of fresh fruits and vegetables. The climate is mild, filled with greenery. The many ancient ruins and historical sites still remain today. Like Joyo City, Kyongsan is also known as a " bedroom community" for neighboring big cities,and maintaining its waterfronts keeping the city free from its pollution.

Vancouver City`s EmblemVancouver CityFort Vancouver

City Tree: None
City Flower: The Vancouver USA Rhododendron

The Rotary Clubs between Vancouver, Washington USA and Joyo started the idea of a sisterhood between the two cities. Strong support also came from the citizens because many people wanted to have relations with an English speaking city. With a lot of hard work, the two cities became Sister-cities in October of 1995.

Common points with Joyo City

It is a city that has been blessed with the mild climate and an abundant of natural beauty. Agriculture is popular and Vancouver is the production center for fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.The City of Vancouver also does a wonderful job of maintaining its rivers and keeping its air from pollution. Vancouver has many historical sites and historic events. It was developed as an important place for commercial traffic and commerce on the riverside, and is also known as a "bed room community ".