The Outline of the Joyo City Council

 *  The Structure of the Joyo City Council

The City Council consists of 20 Council Members and functions as a legislative organ, while the Mayor commands the City Office to execute the councilfs decision into practice.
The City Council supervises and cooperates with the Mayorfs administrative body to improve citizen life.

*  City Council Members

The number of members in the Joyo City Council is determined by local government regulations in accordance with the Local Autonomy Law and is currently limited to 20 people.
City council members are elected directly and serve four-year terms.
Current council members were elected on Apr. 26, 2015 and their terms are from May 3, 2015 to May 2, 2019.
Japanese citizen who have voting right, live in Joyo city and are more than 25 years old are eligible to run for city council election. But it is prohibited to become other councilfs member at the same time.

*  City Council Sessions

The City Council holds four Regular sessions annually and summons Special session when necessary.
A meeting attended by all council members is called Plenary session.
A Standing Committee, Steering Committee and Special Committee are set up in order to efficiently examine specialized matters. Committee members are appointed in the Plenary Session.
Besides these meetings, Council Member Meetings and Board Meetings in which representatives of parliamentary factions attend are held as well.

*  The work of the city council

The City Council is given great authority so that it can work efficiently as the representative of the citizens.

It includes the following:

* The right to make decisions

The City Council has the right to establish, amend and abolish ordinance, decide the budget, settle accounts, and decide important policies. This is the most basic right of the City Council.

* The right to agree

When the Mayor appoints a Deputy Mayor, a Treasurer, the Member of the Board of Education and so on, it is necessary that the City Council agree to it.

* The right to choose

The City Council elects and appoints a Chair, a Vice-Chair, the Members of the Board of Elections and other designated positions.

* The right to investigate

The City Council has the right to investigate and supervise city administration and ask the Inspecting Commission to audit. Also it can require for involved parties to attend meetings and sessions as well as to submit certain documents.

* The right to submit councilfs opinion

The City Council is able to submit its opinion to the national governing agency and other agencies regarding matters to improve city affairs.

* The right to accept and examine petitions

The City Council examines a submitted petition and takes the appropriate action.

* The management of the City Council

The City Council examines bills and petitions in Plenary Sessions and Committees during Regular and Special Sessions.
Although the City Council can take actions only during these sessions, it could hold committees apart from these sessions.